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Hand Therapy Services

Our hand therapy team provides specialist assessment and treatment to help clients with their hand, wrist, arm or shoulder problem. These problems could arise from sport, work, congenital issues, an accident, surgery, from overuse or…

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Wrist rehabilitation

The human wrist is a very complex part of our anatomy, required to be both mobile yet stable in order to generate grip strength and to withstand weightbearing forces. Injuries to the ligaments that stabilise…

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Elbow rehabilitation

The elbow is a hinge joint comprising of 3 bones (the humerus, radius and ulna) which is stabilised by 4 main ligaments (medial and ulnar collateral, annular and quadrate ligaments) and mobilised by 4 main…

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Pain management

Pain is a normal symptom resulting from tissue injury and it is our body’s way of letting us know that something is wrong. Acute pain following an injury is usually transient, subsiding as the injury…

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