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How we can help you

Wound and scar management

Following surgery to your hand/upper limb, management of your wound and swelling is key to minimising scar tissue formation. Our therapists liaise closely with your surgeon regarding your specific wound care needs and are experienced…

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Splints and braces

No hand is the same so off the shelf braces often do not fit appropriately or provide adequate support to an injured structure. Our therapists are highly qualified to prescribe or fabricate either a splint…

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Waterproof casts

Waterproof casts are an excellent way to immobilise your stable fracture, allowing you to continue to use your hand in light functional tasks (and shower more easily) while your fracture heals.

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Workplace injuries

Our therapists work closely with your treating doctor, rehabilitation provider and other team members to ensure that your injury needs are met and to facilitate a timely, safe return to work . Medico legal reports…

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