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Below are some frequently asked questions about hand therapy and our related services.

What is hand therapy?

Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper extremity. It involves evaluation and specific testing to assess the injured limb from which treatment goals can be set. A variety of specialised modalities are utilised to achieve these goals.

Hand Therapists are registered Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who, through continuing education, clinical experience and independent study, have become proficient in the treatment of upper extremity conditions resulting from trauma, disease and congenital deformity.

(Extract from the Australian Hand Therapy Association, 1999)

I’ve had pain in my wrists and thumbs for years. I think it’s just arthritis but its getting worse. Can you help?

Yes we can help in a number of ways. After assessing what is going on in your wrists/hands and correlating this with any appropriate test results (xray, ultrasound or bonescan etc. as appropriate). We can work out what structures need to be either stabilised/supported (with splinting for example) strengthened through specific exercises. A variety of modalities can be used for pain management and we may need to collaborate with your doctor about anything else that may be required. Our ultimate goal is to improve your function and we persist until we do. Education regarding ways to protect and prevent any further damage to your joints is also an important part of our treatment.

Do I need a referral to come to Hands on Hand Therapy?

Yes and no! No, you don’t need a referral if want to refer yourself but you do need one if your injury funding is under Department Veteran Affairs (DVA), Workcover or you are on an Enhanced Primary Care plan from your GP.

Can I claim any of my treatment back through my health fund?

Yes our therapists are registered with all of the Health Funds. Our therapists come from either occupational therapy or physiotherapy backgrounds and the level of rebate you get back from your fund will depend on your level of cover. When we make custom made splints we will give you a supporting letter to give to your fund – some health funds will reimburse for casts/splints but not all. If you are not sure, please contact your health fund to ask them about your carer. We have HICAPS facilities in our practice (except for Bowral where we have Eftpos only) so you can claim for your consultation at the time of treatment.

I already see a chiropractor or physiotherapist for my back. Could they also just treat my hand injury as well?

As hand therapists we are Physios or Occupational Therapists who have undergone further training to specialise in hand and upper limb rehabilitation. It’s what we do best! Ongoing training and annual hand therapy conferences keep us current with what is going on in the areas of hand therapy and hand surgery. We have good relationships with hand surgeons to ensure that your injury is treated both promptly and appropriately. Our other Allied Health colleagues are excellent at what they do and we are happy to take over your care if your injury falls out of their area of expertise. Have a chat with them to see if this is required.